Popping in . . .

I thought I better pop in and tell you guys “hi!” Just so you know I’m not missing or dead!! Jamie, my Craigs List Whisperer friend, is probably falling out of her chair right now because I’m blogging. She likes to casually remind me that it has been a while since I’ve been on here. I sometimes try to beat her to the punch and “remind” her that it has been a while since I blogged and that I need to post. She tries to be all like “whatever” and just blows me off. But I got her number. I’m reading her mind. I know she is thinking, For the love of all things Christmas, red and lime green – let your readers know you are ALIVE! So, ….


I’m here and alive! And busy like some crazed maniac! Okay, so I failed miserably with my personal date of October 1 being the completion date of the limited edition Christmas art. But my new goal is November 1 – and I’m actually thinking I will actually meet the goal! Now, of course since I said that ….. I probably won’t. So, after reading this paragraph, forget what you read. That will either cancel it out and I will finish them all by November 1 or I won’t, but you will will not remember that I said it was my goal since you forgot about this paragraph!

Yeah, now that I’ve confused you all with that little mind game, let’s move on to some other stuff!

I decorated for Halloween a few weeks ago. I didn’t go all that crazy this year. For one, my kids {aka EMME} wanted some scarier stuff. I don’t really do scary – I like the cutesy Halloween stuff. I pulled out all my pumpkins and Dept 56 village, but kept it at a minimum. I spent about 10 bucks {no joke} on a couple of small skulls and a pack of skeleton hands at Michaels and got this crazy mess ….

I already had the spanish moss, moose moss and the stones {all from Hobby Lobby.} I had saw something like this on pinterest – from Pottery Barn. It was an apothecary jar with some spanish moss and several of the skulls all which way. I think I might have taken it to the next step of creep factor – needless to say, Ems loved it.

Funny {and true} story …. the day I made these, I left them sitting on the dresser that sits behind my couch because I wanted to really clean off my mantel really well. {I need to leave out the part where I tell you there was so much dust on the mantel that I should have left it there for the creepy, haunted house effect.} That night, after the kids were in the bed and the house was dead silent, I came down the stairs. There was only one light on in the living room. It was the lamp that is between the green chairs {I’m telling this story as if you have all been in my house and know exactly what I’m talking about, okay?} The green chairs face the sofa. So the lamp was shining through the hurricanes with the creepy skulls/boney hands in them. When I stepped off the last step, I looked over and saw those things – I for real screamed. And not just any scream. A scream you would give out to an intruder in your house wielding a chain saw! Pretty sure my heart stopped for a few seconds. It was so bad that I immediately spun those things around to face the back of the couch. Only, when I started picking up toys a few seconds later on the other side of the couch, ….. I made freakin’ eye contact with the skull that has his hands on his face {not the one that has the let me out look and is pressing his hands on the glass jar!!} I immediately cleaned the mantel and got those jokers put away at a higher spot so that I could avoid anymore face to face time with them.

That morning Em told me that we needed to add a pretend spider crawling out of the eye socket.

{maybe next year.}

I ended up not doing my legs this year ….

And it is mainly because in the spring I started a topiary in this urn. Yeah, I know – ivy topiaries are dated. But let me tell you that I received a personal call from 1994 and he told me I could keep my topiary because it looked so good. Now, THAT is saying something! haha! Seriously, I’m excited to be able to string Christmas lights on it!!! I know, sort of lame – but hey, it is the little things! I have tried artificial trees and they never look right or good. So, I thought I would try the topiary this year. I will post pictures once that season rolls around. Needless to say, I’m excited about Christmas this year.

And speaking of Christmas, November 1 is awfully close – I got to go paint.

New-not-new pillows . . .

Something different had to be done today for creativity purposes. Sometimes, you just have to change up the outlet just to shake up the creativity in one’s head. Or,  … that is how it works for me. Seriously, I had to put the brushes down. I’m getting frustrated with something I’m currently working on so it was basically a life or death situation to redirect. I know there has to be at least one person out there feeling me. It has been an awesome rainy day – which makes for a bigger problem. Because I love to clean when it rains. Hear me when I say, I LOVE to clean when it rains – like to a sickening degree. But I have so many silly little projects that need immediate attention, too! So, I’m trying to knock out a few of those so I can clean AND then have a refocused mind to get un-frustrated so I can paint.

Did you follow that???

I hope so!

Remember Em’s room?? Yeah, the one I’m still slowly working on. I linked to that particular post because it has a little re-do project in it.

See this pillow? I love this pillow and her little twin! But I have to admit, they have been driving me crazy how their little fabric dances around the pillow when you touch either of them! So, I did what any sane person would do.

I took them apart.

I took a seam ripper and picked the back off the front basically. Once they were apart, I ran them back through my sewing machine. I {kinda} followed the lines in the fabric and kept the gathered ruching look – because it is fabulous. Now, I have no lies to tell – it is probably some sloppy work for the skilled seamstress. But it works perfectly for the look I’m going for!

The best part was when I finished and Emme says, ”Miss Momma. YOU are just AWESOME!”

“And Ems, don’t you ever forget it!” haha! I love this kid!

I did use the same pillow form. The newer version is for sure square. When I sewed the other lines in, it squared up the fabric majorly. But I’m totally diggin’ it! And it was easy. The time consuming part was taking it apart. I did NOT handstitch the hole closed after I stuffed the pillow in. I actually ran it through the machine, too! Amazingly, it was a straight line – even with the pillow about to bust out!  But the hand stitching takes up too much time! I did time myself from beginning to end it it took me 37 minutes to do this project. And that folks, is called instant gratification!!

Guess what I got yesterday???? Well, guess! Okay, forget it – you will never guess it!

Finally. After years of searching. And years of begging. I got me a REAL LIFE French Provincial Sofa!!!!! Krista has had one in her studio for years. And I would remind her {you would probably consider it maybe a little on the obnoxious side} that I wanted the sofa when she was ready to part with it.

She was ready or I just broke her down. Either way, I got the sofa!!!

God bless you, Krista! I will be naming my next child after you!!!!

{Oh, wait. That might pose a problem.}

I’ll post pictures of her {the sofa, not Krista} later. No need to show you till she is about to be transformed into her new duds. And the tiny fact that I don’t have a room for her yet will caused that project to be put on the back burner. But hey, I finally got the sofa, right??

Later peeps, I have a house to clean!

Nightstands . . .

I blogged about my nightstands recently. My friend, Jamie, who is the Craigs List Whisperer {she can find anything at the price you are wanting to spend – swear,} found me some early 90’s {guessing} Ethan Allen tables. And when I tell you they were exactly what I was wanting is an understatement – I had them pictured in my head and she found those mugs – for $40. FORTY BUCKS FOR THE SET!

I seriously just mention something I “think” I might want and the girl finds it. It is some serious craziness. I told her she needed to start a business. I hope she will one day!!!

Some of these pictures are not the best – so I apologize now! I know everyone wants to know how I did it – so let’s begin. Emme put on some rubber gloves and wiped both tables down with a clorox wipe. Oh, yes she did! I unscrewed the dated hardware {and trashed it. I hope that crap never comes back around in style} and filled in the holes with a wood filler. I had Home Depot mix up 2 sample containers of paint – you know the 7.5 fluid ounce tubs.

The colors

Behr's Lotus Leaf

Behr's Dragonfly

I liked both colors and really didn’t know which to choose. For $2.94, it really didn’t matter. But they are like a blue/gray/green – ish color. I painted the first coat the Lotus Leaf and the second coat Dragonfly.

I then took a fine grit sanding block and sanded all over! I put a little more effort on the edges that would naturally be worn. I bought the new drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby 1/2 off for $1 each.

So, for under $50 and about 2 hours of my time and 20 minutes of Emme’s,} I got the perfect nightstands!!!!! {yet again, winning!!!}