Emme’s 5th birthday party ….

I noticed in the post before last, I was planning Emme’s birthday party. Of course it has since come and went! I know a few of you wanted to see the end result and how I pulled off the ‘rainbow Lalaloopsy party’ – not an easy feat!

First off, the tissue, pom pom, paper lantern, etc … turned out fantastic! It stayed up for well over a month! And Emme loved it! It was so her!

I had collected “E’s” and “5’s” for months! I had them stuffed in every piece of clear glass I had for display.

And of course I had our usually 2 dozen balloons floating in the living room with long strings. I swear, I love the way it looks. And fortunately, the kids do to. I will probably cry when they ask me to stop with the balloons.

I also made another banner! I did the same thing for the boys’ birthday/Halloween one year! And like then, it turned out fantastic!

Only this time, I ran them through my sewing machine over and over and over! It was a great wonky stitch! And it made it a lot stronger than the circles were that I had made in the past!

We only invited the girls from Em’s pre-K class {and her BFF that is is one of my BFF’s daughter}  - and everyone came but one! All the mothers stayed and had a great time, too! These were “new” people in my house! So, they were impressed with some of my skills {haha! I’m totally joking about the impressed part! I’m sure they were not!}

But the overall decorations were fantastic!!! I really was happy with the end result!

Now, entertainment for the  girls – was paint! Em is a lover of creative things {thank goodness!} and she loves her some paint! I bought a pack of 10 8×10 canvases from Michael’s with a 40% off coupon! {The pack ended up being 12 bucks!} I pre-painted them white. Although it sounds like a pre-planned everything out {**snort, laugh hysterically} – like most activities, functions, things in general, I really waited till the last minute to put it all together!

From the same machine I cut out the banner, I cut out in vinyl the initials of each little girl’s first name …. 30 minutes before everyone got there. Seriously, the moms helped me apply the vinyl to each canvas. {Procrastination at its finest!}

I pulled out 2 paint carousels and set them in the middle of the table! I had each little girl pull a few colors she liked. Amazingly enough, I did purchase about 10 big ‘flat’ brushes for the party a few weeks prior. The moms helped the girls dab on a few drops of paint, they brushed the canvas, wiped the brush on a paper towel, brushed the canvas again, wiped the brush again, repeat about 12 or so times! We sprayed each canvas with a light mist of water and had them brush again.

It gave each piece a faux water color look. Em loved it. The girls loved it. I loved it. The moms probably wanted to kill me. But I loved it. And Em loved it and the girls loved it. It was awesome! haha!

After the girls were done, I moved them all to a safe place to dry. I let them know ahead of time that they would not be taking them home – I wanted to do some things to them! But this was a great opportunity to go into the food and cake. {Which I have no pics of!}

But I do have pictures of these beauties! This woman makes awesome cookies and this is what I sent home with the girls. Each tied up in a cute little cello bag tied off with ribbon. Gah, and these things taste so awesome. They don’t fit into my clean eating, but I still eat them. It is soooo worth the cheat!!!

Back to the paintings … before they completely dried, I did remove the vinyl letter. There was a couple that had the tiniest bleed. I touched those up {but only because I can’t handle that!} Then I painted the sides solid white and touched the edges with some glitter! I also used glitter to hi-light around the letters. Once that all dried, I sealed them and wrapped them in cello with ribbons. We delivered them to the girls at school the next week. It was seriously one cute, fun party! Even with my last minute modifications!

I canNOT believe Emme is 5!

Thanksgiving 2012 ….

…. has come and gone! Yet again, it seems another year is coming to a close. I have learned a big lesson over the past 7 years. If you want to time to speed up – have children. I am amazed at how fast each day, week and year passes by. And it just gets faster and faster.

I was excited this year because Carson and Lawson had the infamous turkey project! As with Hudson, I asked each child what they wanted their turkey disguised as. Carson was so funny about it. He originally said an alligator, but it changed about 8 times. He finally said a “bushy tree.” I think because of all the older cartoons they watch will show characters disguised as a bush. You know what I’m talking about. They will have the twinkle toes and it is usually someone like Scooby or Shaggy hiding from something scary.

Carson colored his turkey. And he tore the strips to make the trunk! I’m not going to deny cutting out the leaves, but he wrinkled them up and glued them down.

The overall effect of the leaves were awesome ….

It definitely had the 3D effect going on. He was so concerned about losing leaves that he carried it in and refused to put it in his backpack. I just hope they make it back in 1 piece. After helping the boys this year, I have concluded that after Em makes one next year, we will FOR SURE be framing all of these in some kind of LARGE montage to be pulled out every year during the month of November.

hehe! I love it!

Now, Lawson on the other hand …. is just not having as much fun with this project as I am. If you know Lawson, you would not be surprised. Our convo went something like this …..

“Lawson come here! We need to figure out what your turkey’s disguise is going to be!”

“THAT is a piece of paper with a turkey printed on it.”

“Yes, it is. Now what do you want to dress him up like?”

“Turkeys do not dress up.”

“Seriously, real turkeys do NOT dress up. But this is pretend. And your pretend turkey needs to dress up! He needs a good costume to hide. He is afraid he is going to be eaten!”

“It is a piece of paper! It does not think about anything. And I am not hungry enough to eat paper!!!”


“Albert Einstein. And we are not suppose to say stupid.”

The glue was still wet {that is the blue stuff.} We used what we could find for Einstein’s hair. It was definitely wild. And notice his blood shot eye. Lawson felt it was significant.

We, I mean, I did up a tie. with a collar. Now it is important to recognize the coloring job. When I asked Lawson about it, he gave me the stink eye. Seriously, this is the part of kindergarten this little dude hates.

As soon as we were done, I said something like “ta dah! Whatcha think?”

“Will I have to do this stuff in high school?”


Life ….

So, it has been a minute since I last posted. I want to say that I have missed my blog and I never had intentions of neglecting it for so long! But since school has started, I’ve been wiped out by the end of the day. Fortunately, I am getting time in the day {alone.} But once the crazies get home, I seriously don’t stop! The most difficult part is having 3 kids with 3 different homeworks. Carson and Lawson have totally different things to work on – Carson has the typical homework and Lawson’s is beefed up {quite a bit!} I am thankful Hudson’s homework is relatively light {so far} because I was scared to death it was going to be a ridiculous amount after all I was told about 2nd grade {although that was at our old school.} I have the type of kids you have to sit down with and make sure they do their work – oh, wait …. I choose to do that! haha! I guess I don’t have to do that, but I want to make sure it gets done! And done right! And so each one gets individual time. I’m hoping in the next week or two, I can get them all sitting at the table together at the same time while I go around to each one helping.

I think about how I would homeschool.

And then bust out laughing!!!!

I get up at 4:15 to shower, get completely ready and make 4 lunches. By 6, I start waking up the kids. That gives us an hour to get dressed {with minimal assistance} and fed breakfast. I would much rather wake up before the sun than to rush like mad. It makes for a long day, but at least it starts off smooth! Tonight, I sat on the couch for a minute because I had just pulled fresh sheets out of the dryer. They were so warm and I was so tired. I piled them on top of me and I’m sure you know where I’m headed with this,  the next thing I knew it was about an hour and 45 minutes later. After that little “snap,” I have a smidge of energy to pop on here but I’m still looking forward to hitting the bed!

I have soooooo much art that needs to be posted. And I really mean NEEDS to be posted! I’m hoping once we settle into our new normal, I’ll get back on that – swear.

I thought I would leave you with a picture of the four that makes it all worth it ……

I look at these little people and I’m so happy. I’m so in love. And I’m so excited to see what these little people will do in this big world. Every night I tell them that no matter what I will love them beyond the end of time and there is absolutely nothing that will ever change it. Tonight, Emme asked me why I always say that. “I don’t know, Ems. I guess because I always wanted to hear that as a kid.” I went downstairs for a second. When I went back up, I heard Carson say, “We have the best mom in the whole wide world.” And Emme added, “and we need to tell her how much we love her.” I went into my room and cried like a baby.

Even when I think I’m doing it all wrong, they make it all right. Family. That is where it is at.