About the Artist

Hey, it’s Kim and I want to welcome YOU to my blog!

Honestly, I find it awkward and incredibly uncomfortable to talk about myself. But, since you clicked the link, I’m guessing you want to know my story? But as a warning, I’m long winded and like to tell as many details as I possibly can – I want you to feel like you are there with me, okay? So, here goes . . .

As most new moms, I was obsessive over the perfect nursery. In my mind, I had every detail completely worked out to include my son’s name painted on canvas hanging above his crib. After paying someone for an unsuccessful attempt at a commissioned piece, I asked myself, “How hard can this be?”

With absolutely no painting experience, a canvas, one paintbrush and three paint colors later, I had my first work of “art.” I now laugh thinking how horrible it looked! Fortunately, I didn’t see it at the time. Actually, I couldn’t believe how great it was for my first attempt. And apparently neither did a couple of friends. Those 2 “crazies” started sending me requests!! I believe the next 8 or so paintings were for them – for their children and as gifts.

That was the beginning of 2005. Seven years ago, I did what most people don’t – I just did it. And the more ‘I did it,’ an amazing thing happened – I got better. Who knew that would happen?!? I mean, if I knew that would happen – do you know all things I would have attempted all the years before!?!?! SERIOUSLY, what an amazing concept. I can’t believe more people haven’t heard about this!

I cannot pin point the actual day or week that Small Words began – it just sorta happened. In February of 2007, I launched my first website. A few months later, I began to blog. I found it much easier to post pictures here of completed pieces of art with a description and pictures of the bedding and rooms they were created to match. Then in March of 2008, the current website was introduced – and then, it happened. People found me!

I do not believe in ‘practice makes perfect.’ But I do believe in perfecting your best. And with every piece of art that I do, my best is perfected a little more {and man, I feel sorry for the ones who got some of the originals! EEK! I owe you guys in a big way!} By no means do I consider myself a professional and I find it difficult to refer to myself as an artist. I’m just a girl who likes to paint!

During the past few years, I have had three more children – a total of four in 35 months. Hudson, identical twin boys – Carson and Lawson and a daughter, Emsley. Two of my children are autistic. I’ve been married for 9 years to Lonnie, a great husband and wonderful father, who is a full time soldier with the Tennessee Army National Guard.

Between the children’s therapy appointments and school, each child’s “in my face time” that they each deserve and being a wife, I manage to make it all work. I have a big God and a big dream. I live off little sleep and a lot of caffeine.  I believe in positive thinking and I’m proof you can over come obstacles.

Thank you for visiting me and my blog!
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