Doll House building 101 …

When I was kid, I was enthralled with doll houses. The miniature world has always been so fascinating to me. Everything about it was and is so captivating. My aunt had a doll house. It was a beautiful house that was constructed and decorated by her. I could stare at it for hours. When I was in the 5th grade, I got one for Christmas. My mom had secretly started building it and it was hidden in the attic … till I found it. She had the intentions of building it and then we would decorate and paint it together. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, that just never panned out.

Fast forward to October of 2013 … Emme said one day that she wanted Santa to bring her ‘one of those doll houses from Hobby Lobby.’ Of course she picked out the most expensive one. And my heart skipped a beat! She even wanted it ‘flat in a box’ so we could build it together!

Guess what Santa brought that girl!? But it wasn’t that expensive one. Santa didn’t have those blue prints at his workshop.

This past Saturday, we started the fun. I figured we would plan 2 hours each Saturday to work on this sweet little gigantic project!

The box was no easy feat. It was in there for keeps!

Lonnie won. Look at Emme’s hands flipping the lid!

First thing I did was put those shingles in a big bag. The bag they were in was busted and we were chasing shingles already.

This is Emme patiently waiting for the paint to come out!!

Once we figured it was all there, we pulled out the front, the 2 sides and the pitched piece above. I had actually started searching for house ideas for this house on Pinterest. She even has her own board! There were tons of ideas of this exact house. I wasn’t thrilled with this type of trim that hangs from it and had every intention of omitting it. I’m thankful that I did find a house that had left it off and it looks so much better. This is a house that will be played with – it is not a decoration. And I just want it to be her creation and not delicate in anyway. The original trim screams “BREAK ME!

And what about her creation? Yes, that was her color choice. At first I thought, mercy, she can’t be for real?! But clearly, she was stuck on this color!

Deep Amethyst – a porter color. Lonnie thought we should prime first. I figured working with a 5 year old doesn’t warrant priming!

The house did suck up the paint. And I almost used an entire Home Depot sample. But it was totally worth it!

I will admit, it was hard to just let Emme paint. The poor bristles on her brush were going in every direction. Paint was running down her brush because she would dip it to the bottom of the paint pot. I would have to go behind her and smooth out all the globs of paint. And she would then get mad at me because I didn’t leave the globs of paint! Geez. But we got it done. She lasted about an hour and a half, which is really good!

Hopefully I’ll be back with the next steps!

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About Kim
I picked up a paint brush for the first time 7 years ago, and haven't put it down since. My goal - To paint a canvas for my son's nursery. I never dreamed a business would be born out of it. {And if you saw the first canvas, you would think the same thing, too!}


  1. Lauren says:

    I had a dollhouse as a child that my daddy built. I LOVED playing with it. I don’t have girls, I have boys who would just totally destroy a dollhouse, so I won’t get to have this experience, but it sure looks like fun! I can’t wait to see the final product!

    • kim! says:

      I must admit there are just some really fun things you can do with girls that you can’t really do with boys. And this is for sure one of those things!

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