Thanksgiving 2012 ….

…. has come and gone! Yet again, it seems another year is coming to a close. I have learned a big lesson over the past 7 years. If you want to time to speed up – have children. I am amazed at how fast each day, week and year passes by. And it just gets faster and faster.

I was excited this year because Carson and Lawson had the infamous turkey project! As with Hudson, I asked each child what they wanted their turkey disguised as. Carson was so funny about it. He originally said an alligator, but it changed about 8 times. He finally said a “bushy tree.” I think because of all the older cartoons they watch will show characters disguised as a bush. You know what I’m talking about. They will have the twinkle toes and it is usually someone like Scooby or Shaggy hiding from something scary.

Carson colored his turkey. And he tore the strips to make the trunk! I’m not going to deny cutting out the leaves, but he wrinkled them up and glued them down.

The overall effect of the leaves were awesome ….

It definitely had the 3D effect going on. He was so concerned about losing leaves that he carried it in and refused to put it in his backpack. I just hope they make it back in 1 piece. After helping the boys this year, I have concluded that after Em makes one next year, we will FOR SURE be framing all of these in some kind of LARGE montage to be pulled out every year during the month of November.

hehe! I love it!

Now, Lawson on the other hand …. is just not having as much fun with this project as I am. If you know Lawson, you would not be surprised. OurĀ convo went something like this …..

“Lawson come here! We need to figure out what your turkey’s disguise is going to be!”

“THAT is a piece of paper with a turkey printed on it.”

“Yes, it is. Now what do you want to dress him up like?”

“Turkeys do not dress up.”

“Seriously, real turkeys do NOT dress up. But this is pretend. And your pretend turkey needs to dress up! He needs a good costume to hide. He is afraid he is going to be eaten!”

“It is a piece of paper! It does not think about anything. And I am not hungry enough to eat paper!!!”


“Albert Einstein. And we are not suppose to say stupid.”

The glue was still wet {that is the blue stuff.} We used what we could find for Einstein’s hair. It was definitely wild. And notice his blood shot eye. Lawson felt it was significant.

We, I mean, I did up a tie. with a collar. Now it is important to recognize the coloring job. When I asked Lawson about it, he gave me the stink eye. Seriously, this is the part of kindergarten this little dude hates.

As soon as we were done, I said something like “ta dah! Whatcha think?”

“Will I have to do this stuff in high school?”


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I picked up a paint brush for the first time 7 years ago, and haven't put it down since. My goal - To paint a canvas for my son's nursery. I never dreamed a business would be born out of it. {And if you saw the first canvas, you would think the same thing, too!}


  1. a narretto says:

    i wish my kids would have had that to do, so cute. love, love the albert turkey and great conversation. I have a friend who tells me constantly about convos just like that with her son, soooo funny:)

  2. Lisa says:

    Such a cute post! I love your little guys!

  3. caknitter says:

    Guuurrrrllll, you are a genius! That Lawson sure cracks me up. Happy Turkey Day!

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