Thomas the Train . . .

Hello, my name is Kim Tate and it is so good to meet you! But, I feel like I know you, maybe met you before. haha! Okay, it has obviously been fo’ evah since I blogged! After Carson had the pukies, Lawson got sick, then {of course} Emme got the pukies and just guess what happened after that? Yes, I’ve got hit hard with the sick stick! Mine is more sinus issues from where this weather was 102 degrees one day and three days later, it was suddenly 61 degrees {and that was the high!} and four days later it was back up to the high 80’s again. I’m too old for this – my body shuts down during the extremes like this!

Also during this time, we spent a ridiculous amount of money on Thomas the Train tickets. Just to be frank – it wasn’t worth it. Actually, I would consider it a rip off for a family 6. If you have 1 kid or 2, I’m thinking it would be fantastic. But throw in a couple of extra kids, some rain and a kid that lives in a literal world . . . I’m sure the following pictures will explain it all!

Hudson – “There is a train with some kind of crazy face on it behind me!”

Lawson – “I’m feeling very uncomfortable with this train behind me.”

Emme – “I love my Thomas the Train tattoo and this rain is pretty cool, too.”

Carson – “Are you done yet with the picture?”

Hudson – “This is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever been made to do. I hate trains with faces!”

Lawson – “They asked me to smile for the picture – I’m smiling for the picture. Now, let’s go. This rain is killing me and my shoes!”

Emme – “I think standing in this COLD rain was one of my favorite things I did today! And my tattoo was cool, too. ”

Carson – “Are you done yet with the picture?”

Hudson – “I’m starting to get nervous and giggly. I really want to go home because there is a freakin’ train that has a face BEHIND ME!”

Lawson – “Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Rain is falling on my head! Cheese.”

Emme – “I’m tired of looking cute for these pictures. But I’m trying while I think of how cool this rain and tattoo are!”

Carson – “Are you done yet with the picture?!”

Hudson – “Hello!! There is a train! With a face! Just a few feet behind me! I think he is watching me! And I can’t stand it!!!”

Lawson – “Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Rain is still falling. On my HEAD! Cheese.”

Emme – “I’m starting to agree with Lawson. And this is getting old. And this rain is cold. And can you take off this tattoo?”

Carson – “Are you done yet with the picture?”

Hudson – “Did you see that! That joker is looking right at me! I think he is creeping on the track and trying to get closer to me!!!!!”

Lawson – “Come on. I’m so over this.”

Emme – “I can’t feel my finger. Hudson’s anxiety is starting to rub off on me. ”

Carson – “Are you done yet with the picture?

Hudson – “I know you said that the train is pretend. But I see a face on a train. What is pretend with that?! You know, I am smarter than you were at 6.”

Lawson – “Starting to phase out.”

Emme – “I can’t smile anymore. I’m wet. I’m cold. And I hope like Hades that they never make me come to this again.”

Carson – “Are you done yet with the picture?

Hudson – “I can feel this train breathing on my neck. I’m about to show this joker my ninja moves!”

Lawson – “2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256,  . . . .”

Emme – “This really is stupid.”

Carson – “I’m done.

Hudson – “I’m going to have nightmares for the rest of my life because of this train!”

Lawson – ” . . . . , 512, 1024, 2048,  . . . .

Emme – “I’m going to make them give me a dollar for taking my picture!”

Carson – “Bye!”

**** Awesome! Can’t wait for our family Christmas card picture this year!****

Since these pictures {and other than sickness,}

*Em gave herself a haircut. I would post pictures, but I think I’ll give that a whole post – dedicated to just her hair cut.

*The results of all the Hudson’s academic testing came  back, we had the IEP meeting and have {sorta} a plan of action. {And I honestly don’t really know how I feel about it.}

*Lawson is now riding a bus home, one of those cute little short buses {nobody get offended by that – Lawson is the one that called it a “SHORT BUS” and since he wasn’t offended when he said it, it is safe to assume it is okay to call it that!} which in return gives me almost another full hour to paint! So, my butt is planted in my studio between 8:20 till about 11 every morning, Monday through Friday! Of course that is unless I don’t have a school meeting, doctor’s appointment or a field trip with one of the kids’ classes.

*I’m so behind on painting, emails and everything else that it is totally and completely ridiculous. I don’t even know where to begin. {But my laundry is completely caught up.}

*My kids have every line from Home Alone memorized. This would include, “You are such a disease!“, “Keep the change you filthy animal!” {Em says this when she gives you 5,} and my all time favorite “Family SUCKS!” I’ve hid that movie – which is a shame because I use to love it so much – and have threatened the whole soap in the mouth thing.

*I had another Scentsy party! I did last year on the same weekend and had a great turnout. I had another great crowd but I promised to beat my last year’s sales. And, well, I’ve not got there yet. So, I’m begging all of you to help me out!!!! Here is the link to my party! Just remember to click on my name! Please!!!

*I’ve been working on this post since last Sunday. Seriously.

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About Kim
I picked up a paint brush for the first time 7 years ago, and haven't put it down since. My goal - To paint a canvas for my son's nursery. I never dreamed a business would be born out of it. {And if you saw the first canvas, you would think the same thing, too!}


  1. Megan says:

    The first picture cracks me up! They all do, especially with your comments, but the first one with your oldest laughint (?), and Em looking off to the side. Precious! I’d have to have that one printed and framed. I always love outtakes of photos – I guess it’s the photo nerd/yearbook editor/photographer in me that thinks they capture so much more and are so fun down the road! Good luck getting your work done. I couldn’t imagine your life! My life seems crazy and it’s just a normal life of daughter in daycare, teaching middle school art, marriage, trying to get the toddler in bed at a decent time type of life! Oh and trying to finish grad school. Yuck.

  2. jennibell says:

    Kim, it’s called LIFE. I hear ya. . .it’s a crazy ride. Especially with the weather middle TN has been having. ..although, I have to say, I love that the weather is still (mostly) warm!! Glad to know I’m not the only person in blogland who starts a blog post one weekend and doesn’t actually hit “publish” until the next – ha! Rising Above Ministries is coming to Murfreesboro. . .if you can, please check it out. You will be blessed, I promise (our family helps out with the children at their monthly services whenever we can).
    Here’s to another week. . .time’s-a-flyin’. . .Fall Break is right around the corner!

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