My real life . . .

I’m in my bathroom. The door is shut. I’m sitting on the floor, leaning against my closed closet door. And I’m trying to blog. Funny thing is – I’m hiding out. I’m hiding out and everyone is asleep in my house!!! Definitely preparation. Although I have great sleepers, you never know when one of the jokers will get up. And when they get up – they are up.

I actually had an art post planned – since I am still painting even though I’m not blogging {consistently.} But as I’m hiding out, I thought today might be a good day for real life. I know you like to hear some of these stories – like the time the garbage disposal attacked me or Lawson wrote out the word “sh*t” on the magna-doodle or how I like to fold up like a taco and sleep while my husband takes secret pictures of me. I think it is nice to know how crazy it is for others – makes it comforting for each of you to see the ridiculousness that we all call life.

This week has been one strange week for me. I’ve just felt yucky. For about 2 weeks, I’ve laid on the couch and slept for about 15 to 30 minutes everyday after I picked Hudson up from school. The assumption is that this school schedule is kicking my butt. Then I started feeling nauseated. BUT I do take a medication that is known to make me feel this way. Then it happened – I was late. No need to go into details – after 4 kids . . . you know the feeling. There were so many other symptoms and after going 16 weeks and NOT knowing you were pregnant with twins, you vow to always know your body!!

Let me state 2 facts to you all – since having Em, I’m never late. And the small {very important fact} that my husband has had a vasectomy.

I tried hard not to think about it. But finally, I did mention it to my husband. “Lonnie, I’m late.”


“Yes, I’m late. And I’m slightly concerned.”

And I’m not kidding when I say that the next words out of his mouth were, “I think it’s a girl.”

“Me, too! If it’s going to happen to us, it will have to be a girl – because we do have the extra bed in Em’s room! But if it is a boy, I guess we can get a 2 sets of bunk beds in the boy’s room.”

Yeah, but it is probably a girl. I still like the name Hadley.

“I do, too. But I don’t want another “H” name. I’m liking the name Brooksley. Emsley & Brooksley – that has a great sound to it! I never once thought of a boy name when we were pregs with Em, so it can’t be a boy or we are in trouble.”

Yeah, three boy names is our limit. But I’m not really feeling the Brooksley. More and likely we are having twins anyways.

“Are we having a real conversation about having a baby and what we are going to name her/them?”

Yep, because if it is going to happen, it will happen to us.”

The conversation went on for about 20 or so minutes as we talked about other names, the chance of multiples again and how we will practice abstinence from now on! It was ridiculous! We were having a real convo about having another kid(s)! We agreed we were done after we got pregnant with Emsley! And we have said we were done – and meant it – over and over the past 4 years! Yet, we both just accepted it instantly! We have no idea where we would put another body or how we would pay for another mouth to feed, but we knew that this child would not be loved any less than the other 4. The thing is, I have a plan next year – the boys will all be in school and I was going to put Em in pre-K all day instead of the 4 hours she is currently enrolled in. I will have a real day to WORK! And because of that plan – I knew I had to be pregnant. The times I’ve ever had a “real” plan – a big plan, I know God busts out laughing at me! And shows me who is boss!

We were out of our minds! And we were not pregnant either. I was just late. And although we were totally okay with another kid, I wasn’t disappointed when I realized I wasn’t pregnant, but relieved. The thought of being pregnant again and having to nurse a baby for a year, just doesn’t sound like anything I want to tackle right now. And I can’t be more happier that God is letting me have the hope that my plan next year just might work!

And a little sneaky peeky for your viewing pleasure!

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About Kim
I picked up a paint brush for the first time 7 years ago, and haven't put it down since. My goal - To paint a canvas for my son's nursery. I never dreamed a business would be born out of it. {And if you saw the first canvas, you would think the same thing, too!}


  1. Joanne says:

    Oh my, what a great story. I have to admit I almost fell out.
    I think “your” plan is actually God’s plan, HE’s just letting you
    Think it’s your idea! ;-)
    Thought you were going to post a week in your life. This week- at least yesterday
    would have been a hoot! Lol
    Love you, so glad it was just a little joke from above!

  2. Megan says:

    That’s funny. I’m glad that you weren’t pregnant either just so maybe you can have some time to yourself when all the kiddos are in school. You deserve it after what has sounded like a crazy, hectic, busy schedule over the last few years! It’s funny how you instantly think it’s something. It hasn’t been long enough for me to tell if I’m pregnant (as in it happened yesterday) but I still feel like something’s different. I knew pretty early on with my first one that something was off. I know my body pretty well – yes, it’s very important to do so! – and something’s up. I was sick part of yesterday and at 5 am this morning. I’m hoping it’s just because of my change in schedule and some other recent events and not a baby. I’d love a baby – in a year – but not right now. But if it happens, it happens and like you said, it wouldn’t be loved any less. Our first was a surprise, so why wouldn’t a second one be?! Love the sneak peak. I love the line design in it with the “frame” – very pretty!

  3. jennibell says:

    Ha! I can *totally* relate to this post. . .(except for the twins part). . .and, in the end, we weren’t pregnant either but for that brief period of time we were both o.k. with it. . .even after being “done, done, done” five years prior. Maybe it’s just the perspective you gain after not having babies in the house for a few years? Or growing older and wiser and realizing that Someone has a much, much bigger plan than our little minds could ever imagine and it’s always best to go with the flow? I have a friend who ended up pregnant *three* times after her husband had his vasectomy (miscarried once) before she could convince him to do it again. He kept saying it was “God’s Will” but her body was done after seven live births!! Now *she’s* a sport :) Anyway, here’s to a calm week for you. . .getting lots done, being on schedule. . .I think your hormones were just out of whack last week (I hear that can happen as we get older — at least it’s true for me — ugh) and now you’re back on schedule. Looking forward to seeing your latest painting!

  4. I think it’s amazing how your husband didn’t even think twice about having another baby. He sounds like a wonderful man.
    You’re a lucky girl. :-)

  5. Jeanette says:

    WOW. that was a nail biter. totally sounds like something that would happen around here though. we would talk about all the minor details in order to avoid talking about the major issue. :) haha.

  6. Annie Farrar says:

    Dang. I really thought you were pg! But…I hear ya. I’m all for THE PLAN working out! Happy paiting!

  7. Beth says:

    You sure know how to build suspense! And as excited as I was that you might be welcoming a little Brooksie, I knew it would mean I would NEVER get my name art for my Mom-Cave. So selfish of me!! Haha!

    Anyhoo … love you … love your work!!

    Glad you are feeling better!

  8. chelle says:

    oh dear. I’ve got four kiddos and 50% of them were “prevented”… apparently birth control doesn’t work for us.
    But ohhh I’m gettin the baby itch again.
    I think it’s time for number 5 ;)
    let’s see if I can talk hubs into it. :/
    Then again, maybe I won’t have to… after all, I am still just on birth control…

  9. Sarah says:

    I get those fun moments a few times a year for the past 4 years when my cycle returned after my 3rd. We’re planning for a vasectomy when we can afford it, but I’m quite sure that if I had a moment like yours afterwards, my husband would not be so calm! HA!

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