54 – Linley Claire

Before I talk about this painting, I want to let you know that Em is doing good. I would love to tell you that she is doing great, but unfortunately the pain meds have worn off {completely} and she refuses to take any here at home. Pretty sure she will be the chick that will have natural child birth when the day comes {a very long. long. long time from now.} This girl hates medicine. And let me just tell you all the truth – she has never taken any here at the house. That is right – NONE. She has never had an antibiotic. No Tylenol. No Motrin. No benadryl. Nothing.

Not that I’ve not ever tried. I do every single time she is sick. But she is a fighter. And I guess if it gets bad enough – we can go to the ER and place an IV – which we have had to do in the past. Let’s hope and pray that we don’t have to this time! But the surgery went great, the doctor was wonderful and over all, it really hasn’t been a bad experience!!

Currently, I am in the second bed in her room – waiting for her to fall asleep. We bought a portable DVD player for the occasion and an incredibly awesome friend brought us over a stack of new movies that we have never seen – 3 different Cinderellas, 2 Little Mermaids, a couple new Strawberry Shortcakes and a classic Scooby Doo – she also brought us over the most silent {and awesome} humidifier ever, popsicle molds {for Gatorade} AND supper. Dr. Pope  -  you are awesome. And obviously she has went through this before with her daughter.


Fifty-three people might possibly be mad at me after this post, but hopefully 53 people won’t be. As I explained in the last post, I’m trying to keep 5 orders going at one time so that I have absolutely no down time. A fantastic plan if I do say so myself – but unfortunately it started out wonky.

I was planning on starting on all this painting my first full week of summer vacay. Which I did – but because of some minor adjustments! My first order has had a small family emergency and I’m currently waiting to hear back from her even as I type this. My second and third orders were 15×30’s and well, I didn’t have any 15×30’s! I was waiting on canvases to be delivered. My fourth order was a 20×20 – which I had . . . . but I was waiting on swatches! And my fifth order was a {you guessed it} 15×30!

Now, the facts are this – I don’t have very many local orders. Basically because they have the same wait as everyone else. But I knew there was a local person on there somewhere – and I found one! I was just thinking if it was local, I could drive to their house and pick up swatches or bedding or whatever I needed to get started. And I called her and explained my bind and expressed how there was no way I was going to sit here twiddling my thumbs, waiting on things that were out of my control – mostly my USPS man and my UPS man.

Fortunately she agreed. With a lot of persuasion. {tee hee.}

But then everything really fell into place. Her colors – black and white. Damask. Polk-a-dots. I really didn’t need swatches! I even had the paint deck at my home of her wall colors {two beautiful shades of teal!} I already knew the size she was wanting – 16×40 – and I had it  . . . . I know, a miracle! And she had a really great idea of what she wanted . . . .

And this is my interpretation of her idea. Three of her walls are a lighter shade of a teal and one wall is one shade darker. The painting is going on a lighter shade wall – so she wanted the background a solid of the darker teal. Then she asked about a swirl of some sort – something that would mimic the damask a little without being matchy-matchy.

Again, I had a request for one the frames – and miraculous it is too is different from any I’ve ever done!!! Something about the corners contrasting with pattern in the second layer gets me.

Even the font came together easily! I’ve been promised pictures of this room – and they are currently working on it now!!!

And the best part?? I finished Linley’s art the day that my shipment of canvas came in. So, see! It was meant for me to work on this one. And for the record I’ve finished a few more since and I’m about to finish 2 more. And because I know you want proof . . . .

Sneaky peeky for your viewing pleasure. And I’m totally digging this font! I cannot wait for you to see it!!!!!!!!


My baby is now sleeping {and I’m skeerd when she wakes!} You know she is going to be hurting! Before then, I’ve got another painting {or 2} to finished.

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About Kim
I picked up a paint brush for the first time 7 years ago, and haven't put it down since. My goal - To paint a canvas for my son's nursery. I never dreamed a business would be born out of it. {And if you saw the first canvas, you would think the same thing, too!}


  1. Wendy says:

    Love it! Hope your sweet girl heals fast!

  2. Holly says:

    So glad the little miss is doing well! The painting is beatiful!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Glad she is managing her pain ~ somehow. That girl has an incredible pain tolerance! So, how many times have you had to watch those Cinderella movies? My DD could watch them 23 times in a row and still beg for more.

    And what an awesome friend you have. Hope she is reading this ~ “YOU ROCK! There is nothing like having someone take care of the details when you are taking care of a sick child!”

    And I am loving your newest creation. Can’t wait to see the others. Look at your order status just shrink as you crank these babies out. How could anyone be upset?

    • kim! says:

      Fortunately, we were brought so many new movies, we haven’t watched them “too” much yet – but I’m sure we will!!!!

  4. Joanne says:

    I’m so glad Em is doing well. You know I just had my tonsils removed in Nov of 2009, and it really hurt! anything ice cold to drink felt great on my throat.
    I was surprised it didn’t hurt to eat, but the cold was soothing to the pain. They say it hurts more when you’re an adult. I believe it!

    The painting is beautiful, and I totally get what you’re saying on the list. When I was in eye care, we often had to take patients out of order because of the level of diagnostics we were performing. In the end, the timing was more efficient and there was less wait for all the patients scheduled, but sometimes it could be confusing for some because we were taking them according to their appointment time. We got to a point that we had a sign in our waiting room to that affect. It all worked out!

    • kim! says:

      you were right – that dr was awesome. Great practice. Not that I want the need to go back to him, but really was a great experience.

  5. chris says:

    Oh Kim , I have been there twice , that surgery is no fun , but things improve quite quickly , Sophie had her’s out in November if I remember correctly , she is so much better now , glad to have it all behind us, I hope Em has a quick recovery too .

  6. Ashley Johnson says:

    ADORE this!!! Would love something similar for my Claire.

  7. Jennifer Logan says:

    Glad Em is doing well. Stella Grace had her adnoids removed on May 25th due to chronic sinus infections and snoring like a freight train, but Dr. Converse would not remove her tonsils. He doesn’t like to do that until they reach 3, so we may be back in there again next year. I will say that she is a much better sleeper and seems more rested finally after 2 years! I hope she has a speedy recovery.

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